Welcome to ConnecTal

This is where talents meet and provides goods and services for the community at large,


I have this project of mine to "un-incorporate" me first and the world afterward.

Indeed in our modern societies we are totally slave to our work struggling within a broken money controlled economy. if you seek deep inside our nature we are not make to operate this way, and it is killing us.
before we all get destroyed this has to stop!.

Are you co-working yet ?
We are a little bit the >Über of talent and skills, working at the "AirBnB" for offices.

Luckily I've just got layed off, and now reflecting, do I want to re-enter the same workforce and have a painful life, spend hours and hours to make money, with in the end no time to enjoy what my wealth could provide me.

So I challenged the status quo !

Talent UninCorporated

So I decided to join "Talent Unincorporated" (Tal Unc.) and I would recommend that all unemployed or self-employed join the movement
How amazing is that we are soon to become the largest employer with all the unemployed !

because we are not a corporation, we don't have a centralized office, in fact we don't have any central anything. no servers etc.
we are a true distributed organization (DAO) and we constantly evolving riding the waves of humanity changes.

What we do, we help one anothers, and build connection with people we enjoy. we ask for what we need on the "public place" and we work to provide what others need. As there is not financial interrest we can really work on fantastic project with real planetary impact.

We have our "work" unit currency (wunc) to remunerate the people who work for us,

How to be engaged

This is simple we use existing internet infrastructure to facilitate the communitaction and the flow of goods, services and energy among us all

the mechanics is really simple...

in other words it is "smart contracts" for us humans (... let's work on the human blockchain)


This is a pretty new project, things might not work as expected, however we are all here to improve the system over time.
if your are skilled in online technologies, we will be happy to transform the work place with us and develop some cool tools.

We are preparing a totally new economy with our special blockchain development and smart contract enabled DAOs.

We addressing all the world corruptions replacing keys strategic societal weak point with consciousAI.

We also have funny crazy projects like weather on demand, bidirectional brain machine interface, and other augmented intelligence.

what you are waiting for?

So work with us it is really FUN, you will have the time of your life, and even if you have still other responsibility, you can start slow with giving us a little of your time.

I have noticed that is the best way to transition from our modern ensalvement to the new shifted paradigm, and the best part you don't have to abandon what you like from your life, job etc... it is a gradual migration you will blissfully noticed.
I tell you there is no turning back when you tasted what it is to be with the new humanity.

If you need space to work, an office of some sort go to AirOff, and for a mailing address you can check PostOff from Earth-Nation

No need for Money, we the People

And the best part is that we are really experiencing abundance, money is not needed anymore within our economic zone, we have earthdollars, G-coins, equlity-keys and all sort of love currencies.

You can also work for tomatoes, it is a great way to get things moving

What else

Oh I forgot to mention we are participating in Gradual Changes (#M4GC); and I personally support parental causes and dance for peace.

And we give each other happycoins (give it forward).

Well there are plenty of them on IPFS.